Community Garden
Community Garden
The feasibility study, budget and user terms and conditions for the Park Plazas Community Garden were approved and funded in 2015 by the Park Plazas Association Board members. Construction on the first phase was completed in June/July 2015. It was determined by year end 2015, based on its initial success, to expand the Garden in 2016. This request was again approved and funded by the Association Board.

The Park Plazas Community Garden is resident designed, constructed and maintained. PPCSA Management staff conducts occasional reviews to insure that high standards with regard to appearance and condition are being maintained.

The final version completed in 2016 now consists of 44 raised beds surrounded by a four-foot cedar fence. A large gate allows for user and equipment entry. A sophisticated composting system is located on the south side of the garden and is monitored diligently to insure its proper use. Each bed is watered by a drip system and hand watering access is readily available. All produce generated by garden users must be for personal use or may be for charitable donation. The sale of any produce by garden users is not permitted.

The Garden is managed as both an organic and non-organic facility. Recommended suppliers of seeds, plants and fertilizers are provided to participants but choices are at the discretion of each user. However, toxic, non-organic pesticides, weed killers, etc. are not acceptable in any form. Garden Terms and Conditions are provided to each user for their signature and must be adhered to or their use of the facility will be forfeit.

The Resident Managers of the Community Garden at present are Wayne Darnell (505-690-1581) and Marcus Garcia (505-231- 0399) either of whom may be reached for additional information regarding the garden. Fees associated with the garden usage are a refundable $25.

Key deposit an annual user fee of $25. All actions regarding the garden are decided by a majority vote of the gardeners.

Mike Strijek
505-471- 8809
Community Gardens Terms & Conditions