Welcome to the official website of Park Plazas Community Services Association!  The Association created this website for a number of different reasons.  First, we wanted to create a tool for the Association to share information with the residents about what is going on in Park Plazas.  Second, we wanted to create an easy way for residents to communicate with the Manager, with the Board, and with each other.   Third, we wanted to create a portal for potential residents to gather important facts and other information they need in order to facilitate their decision making process for making Park Plazas their new home.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Manager's Position
We are pleased to announce that Stephanie Davis-Namm has accepted our offer to become the new Manager of Park Plazas, effective Thursday, July 18.  We will be planning a welcome event for her (and farewell to Mike); details to follow! 

Neighborhood News
Introducing Park Plazas new manager
Please join the Park Plazas Board in welcoming Stephanie Davis-Namm, our new manager!
Stephanie comes to us with an impressively diverse background, including degrees in accounting and psychology, auditing experience, work in the hospitality industry, and leadership/management experience. She also is a licensed massage therapist—though we won’t add that to her job duties at Park Plazas.   
Here is a picture of Stephanie, so you will recognize her as she travels through Park Plazas:
Stephanie’s references emphasized her strong communication skills, including her ability to listen, solve problems, and mediate challenging situations.  This will be a growth and learning opportunity for Stephanie, and we invite all residents to allow her time to learn the ropes as she puts her own stamp on the Manager role.
Stephanie started training with Mike last Thursday, July 18, and will assume full duties August 1st.

NM Homeowners Association Act
To help you become better educated about the Homeowners Association Act and the amendments passed in the 2019 Legislature, feel free to click on the links below to view and download the Act and the 2019 amendment.
As soon as they're available, we will add to the above list a copy of the proposed amendments to our Association documents for your review.
Thank you!

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Upcoming Events
PPCSA Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 28th, 6:30pm at PPCSA Offices, Rodeo Plaza
The next meeting of the Park Plazas Board will be held Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30.  
Residents and owners wishing to submit agenda items should send those topics or questions to the Board Chair, Richard White no later than one week in advance.
For the August meeting, Richard White should receive agenda items by Wednesday, August 21. 
You may submit topics via email (please use the form at http://www.parkplazas.com/contact.php; direct your message by selecting "President" under the drop-down menu) or you may leave written suggestions/proposals, etc at the PPCSA Office.  
Thank you for helping us make the Board meetings efficient and productive! 
Park Plazas Annual Picnic
Saturday, September 7th, 11:30am - 1:30pm at Playground, between Plazas Azul and Rojo
It's time for the Annual Park Plazas Potluck and Picnic! 
Save the date and time!
Park Plazas (under the able leadership of Manager Stephanie Davis-Namm) will provide shade tents, paper goods, and some tables.  Water and iced tea will also be available. 
We residents provide the food and fabulous company!  So..bring a dish to share, and maybe a new neighbor or two.  And feel free to bring alternate beverages if that's your preference. 
Hope to see you there!